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REmix01 Jaguar Premium Edition

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Product Description

PSX Exclusive

Contents in package

1. figure

2. cassette case

3. bio card + tech specs.


Product Videos

Ocular Max REmix RMX-01 Jaguar Official Video Manual (04:31)
Work by Paik4Life Visit Paik4Life Review's channel for more of his work: https://www.youtube.com/Paik4Life
  • Ocular Max REm...
    Work by Paik4Life Visit Paik4Life Review's channel for more o...
  • でかっ!笑【カセットロン ジ...
    この動画はPlanet Steel Express様の提供でお送りします。 『REmix01 Jaguar』はこちらで購入で...

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Product Reviews

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  1. A stunning beast 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 24th 2016

    Packaging: As a fellow graphic designer, I absolutely love what OC has done here. Packing RMX-01 Jaguar in an 80’s-era cassette jewel case and printing the transformation instructions in the cover insert was a brilliant idea. Kudos for the added warning sheet regarding the fragile feet tab locks, and the full color bio-card is top quality for its printed clarity.
    Sculpture: What a beauty this is. In my opinion, Ravage has never been better represented in plastic, and the die-cast limbs are a nice nod to the quality and greatness of his G1 toy self. RMX-01 Jaguar is a hefty and generous mix of plastic and die-cast parts adding some serious weight to him.
    The cassette mode is mostly a blank slate with its tape spindles being the only really recognizable feature. If I had a cassette player around still I’d be tempted to see if he fits. When in Jaguar-mode, the most notable aspect here is the perfect facial portrait. With his narrow red eyes, sculpted ears and articulated lower jaw, yeah, that looks like one badly tempered feline. Very nicely detailed technical lines run over the die-cast constructed legs and parts of the neck.
    Sure, you’ll never get RMX-01 to fit inside of MP Soundwave, but instead we do get a fierce and accurately scaled companion that looks more like a serious threat to the Autobots, instead of something they can cuddle with.
    Paint Application: What paint application? Aside from the ruby-red eyes and mouth, and the white fangs, there is no paint on this figure. Question is, is a paint application really necessary?
    It really depends on the owner and their preference of matching RMX-01 to his G1 toy design or his G1 cartoon appearance. If you wanted a G1 toy look, then you’re right be a tad disappointed. The unpainted die-cast legs and shiny chrome missile pods mesh very well and looks fantastic, so there is a little flavor here. On the other hand, now you have a Reprolabels sticker set to look forwards too. I know I am.
    But if you’re the type who desires a sleek and stealthy, all-black visage that’s reminiscent of the G1 cartoon, then that is exactly what you’re getting here. Either way, I don’t see how anyone can be disappointed with the design decisions OC made here.
    Articulation: The design and look of RMX-01 is sexy as hell already, and now the articulation provided her is just the icing on the cake. Jaguar is coated in a large assortment of swivel, peg, ball-socket and piston joints. The mouth can open and the tail can raise and lower. Together, Jaguar is capable of nearly any large cat-like pose that you can think of.
    The highlights found here are is piston-powered neck that allows his head to move side-to-side (albeit not much), and the center body rotation that lets Jaguar sit high up or hunch down low. There’s also flat panels that can act as adjustable shoulder blades, as well as ball-socketed hips, shoulders and paws. In short, Jaguar is far more versatile over his official MP interpretation, and simply far more fun to pose.
    Transformation: OC has clearly taken inspiration from the engineering marvel that is Masterpiece Ravage and improved upon it. The instructions say there’s only 14 steps needed that take him from cassette to Jaguar-mode, but since nearly every joint (minus flipping the head and tail out) is repeated, I see this count at being closer to 26 total.
    In cassette-mode, I do like how the paws and legs lock together, but the miniscule tabs that slide locks the lower feet in place won’t last very long. In terms of skill level and the few times the rear legs popped off their ball-sockets making me think I was doing something wrong, I’d give Jaguar a 3 out of 5.
    Room for Improvement: Not much really. Just like MP Ravage, I like that they figured out how to incorporate the missile pods into the cassette-mode. But I still would have preferred having the cannons detach from the figure; this way we’d probably be treated to more detailed missile pods. The ones he has now are a little underwhelming. However this is such a minor detail and doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of this product. I also wish there was a way to raise Jaguar’s head higher, but how that could be done without over-complicating the piston joints in the neck would be a serious task.
    Final Verdict: I don’t believe my MP Ravage is ever going to see the light-of-day again. OC RMX-01 Jaguar will be by his Masterpiece-master, posed and ready to pounce at all times. Do I think he was worth the $50.00 price tag? Absolutely! The only problem is waiting for OC to produce a similar Rumble and Frenzy to match the sheer perfectness of OC RMX-01 Jaguar.

  2. Awesome. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 19th 2016

    This is the ravage we have been waiting for.
    Packaging is ace, love that it's a cassette case. The bot mode is really posable and just looks ace with other map's.
    Super happy with this guy.

  3. Could this be the best transforming Jaguar representation either? 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 17th 2016

    When I first saw the early photos of Remix Jaguar, I fell in love with him straight away. Recent official toys of Ravage had been underwhelming at best, and we haven't had a decent version since Beast Wars Ravage. So I had high expectations going in.

    It comes in a nice cassette case, and its only once opening the package you realise just how big it is. I don't actually have any old time cassettes anymore, but it is at least the size of an actual one and possibly just a little larger. What surprised me when opening Jaguar up though was the weight of the toy. It is *heavily* diecast, and has a heft to it that will surprise you.

    So after opening him up, I transformed him immediately to Ravage beast mode. He looks the part, very similar to the animated Ravage I knew and loved. The missile pods, well they aren't ideal. I think they could be more anime accurate, but its a really small nitpick. When you put him side by side with the original Ravage, or even later counteparts like Energon Battle Ravage, you realise he towers over them. This is finally the Ravage I wanted, and scales well against many Deluxe class figures. It feels like a G1 toy with all the diecast, and I feel like a kid again.

  4. Decepticat 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 17th 2016

    Fantastic Figure. This is the "Ravage" I have been waiting for since 1984. Nice heft to the figure, interesting transformation and an amazing Jaguar mode.
    One of the best Transformers I own. Don't miss out !!!

  5. Great Purchase 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 17th 2016

    An excellent representation of G1 Ravage. While the tape mode isn't really accurate and is a bit blank, I feel it was a great decision, as from the Masterpiece Ravage we've seen what a really faithful tape mode means in terms of sacrifices for the beast mode. By no means do I dislike the masterpiece Ravage but I didn't feel like it did him justice in terms of presence and articulation.

    The articulation can feel a bit strange to begin with because a lot of pieces of the body move too. However it means it has a very fluid look when you pose it up.

    The paint while nothing super detailed is used to great effect and doesn't clutter the look of this robo-panther.

    Overall I highly recommend this figure!

  6. Solid and impressive 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 17th 2016

    I wasn't sure what to expect with OM's Ravage, but from the photos I knew I wanted one!

    Solid construction, great use of die-cast, excellent face sculpt, ball joints offer good pose-ability, impressive shelf-presence.

    Nothing really locks into place, no tape mode detailing.

    Overall it's a great Ravage that probably fits Marvel G1 scale more than the cartoon, but sits alongside the USB Ravage from a few years ago as the best Ravage figure we've had to date.

  7. Excellent start 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 17th 2016

    This product is excellent, solid piece of engineering. Can be a bit fiddly at times but then who would want a one step transformation. The only issue I have is that one of my tiny tabs was already damaged at factory but to be perfectly honest it does not affect alt mode nor does it affect Jaguar mode so I am overall very pleased with this one and I hope we get lots more in the future.

  8. Lovely solid figure bit worried about tabs 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 17th 2016

    The good: feels solid and very high quality, love how the missiles are incorporated into the cassette mode. Cassette case is a lovely touch.

    The bad: The tabs that hold his legs together in cassette mode are really thin and showing wear after only a few transformations. And that's with following the instructions to slide them. Some paint in cassette mode would have been nice. Maybe on one side that ends up inside the body so the jaguar mode stays black.

    Overall: Very happy with this guy.

  9. Excellent figure 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 17th 2016

    Very poseable, great scale, excellent quality in true MMC fashion. Excited for the rest of the Remix line of cassette tape figures.

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