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2019 CNY closure


Dear PSX customers,

The online store will be closed by the CNY holidays from Jan 29th to Feb 11th. During closure, we will not be able to fulfill the orders until our shippers return from the holidays. However, our store will still provide services such as preorder, and parts/warranty.

Best wishes in the year of the pig,

Planet Steel Express

PS-09C Hellion Covert Ops discontinued

We have recently received a number of inquiries to Ocular Max PS-09C Hellion Covert Ops. We'd apologize to those who are still waiting for its back order, as this product was on a limited run and it's confirmed by the manufacturer that it won't receive any back orders.We appreciate the collectors who show support [...]

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SF Express international package as the default service

After 2 months of test and trial, PSX is proud to introduce SF Express international as our default registered mail service, replacing the post office air mail.  Customers can use the tracking number on 17track.net and select SF EXPRESS as the carrier when checking the status of the shipment.SF EXPRESS' official website also offers the track [...]

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2018 CNY closure

Dear customers,Our store will be closed by the CNY holidays from Feb 9th to Feb 26th.  During the time, we will not be able to fulfill the orders until our shippers return from the holidays.  Our departments of preorder, customer service and marketing will be still running, you are welcome to drop us a line [...]

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We are processing shipping for RMX-01 Jaguar now!

We are processing shipping for RMX-01 Jaguar now! All the orders of RMX-01 received by February 1st are in the "first drop". we shall be able to update all our customers with tracking numbers tonight Feb 2nd. "Second drop" preorders will be open on Feb 20, and estimated to ship on Feb 25.

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TTT01 starting shipping July 26

Under so much anticipation, MECH iDEAS finally passed us the first batch of Bluster and Trench.  Due to the surge of workload, we will need to take a few days to pack and dispatch the goods to our freight agent. Hopefully we will finish the shipping work in 3 days.  We will update everyone's order status [...]

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TTT01 Bluster and Trench promotion ends on May 15

TTT01 Bluster and Trench price will be back to 60.00 after promotion, hurry up before the deal goes away.http://www.planetsteelexpress.com/TTT01/

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Tracking number clarification

We have received several customers' inquiries regarding not having their shipping notifications recently.We found out that if there were 2 pre-ordered items (or more than 2) contained in one order, there wouldn't be a system-generated notification sent out when it had generated 1 notification before.  Customer would have to log in and look for the [...]

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150 free shipping is temporarily suspended.

Due to the temporary terms change of HK register mail, we had to alter our package to EMS which cost a lot more than expected, and we subsidized the cost difference for the sudden change.  We will continue to cover the orders that we had, but 150 free shipping will be temporarily suspended, until HK [...]

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Possible R-03 Bovis shipment delay due to holidays in China

Dear PSX customers who order R-03 Bovis with us,   We have packed and passed the goods to EMS, however the goods might not be able to get on the flight due to Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.  We will update the tracking info when EMS is back from the holidays.   Thank you for your understanding, Planet Steel Express

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