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How to track S.F. Express packages

As our customers are aware of, Planet Steel Express has been using S.F.Express as the default shipping method to deliver economic packages. We have been asked to explain how to track the packages using the tracking numbers, and here we go.

Our tracking number usually comes in this format:

ABCDEFGH / 1234567890 (2 groups of numbers separated by slash)

ABCDEFGH (front part of the numbers) can be used on S.F. Express' own website


(might need to manually select S.F.Express as the carrier)

1234567890 (the numbers after slash) is your domestic post office's shipment number. However, in most cases, this tracking number doesn't get updated fast enough compared to the S.F. Express one, so please reference this number when you speak with your local post office in some situations such as package reroute, delivery failure or package loss, etc.

Hope this will help!


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