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New PSX shop is live now

Our online shop has changed to a new interface today! On top of that, we are looking to have a system that would respond faster and serve our customer better.

Due to the technical limitation, all of our customers would need to register new accounts with the new store. We have safely backed up the past orders fulfilled or to be fulfilled, and we will associate the new accounts with the past orders in the coming days. If you can't locate the pre-orders in your account for now, please don't panic, we have them in the back and we are committed to delivering them to you.


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3 Kommentare

Just wrote a question regarding the issue before I saw this blog. xD

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So my order (and pre-order) history is all gone now that you've changed the site.

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Antwort an

They are still in our store database, however they can't be associated in the customer's end. Always email us if you need to know your order status.

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