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The 2 pack includes 2 drones which can be mounted to Argus or Apollo as backpacks, as well as 4 double barrel shot gun and 4 concussion cannons.

(Apollo and Argus figures shown in the photos are for demonstration only, will NOT be included in the set)


Tarantula & Wasp are weaponized drones armed to the Argus army.  Tarantula is a spider drone that specializes in ground to ground /ground to air firepower, Wasp is a flying drone that provides support from the sky.  They can transform to Argus' backpack for mobility and firearms reinforcement. 

Apollo, an unwelcome visitor to the Atlas City, will find it a difficult time to handle these security reinforcers.

The story "Astrobots" is created by Aaron Thomas and developed to an online comic.



Astrobots A03 Tarantula & Wasp 2pack

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