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FAV-OB01  Bounty Hunter Krivo is the first of Toy Alliance's 1/18th Action figure series OBLIVION. The figure includes various interesting accessories:
Bounty Hunter Krivo x1,
Armor Cowboy Hat x1,
Energy Pipe x1,
Dimensional Propulsion Backpack x1,
Tactical Belt x1,
NR-200 Combat Knife x1,
Scabbard x1,
Hand Cannon x2

Character profile
Self-disciplined humanoid Krivo is a bounty hunter from Neutral City. The armor cowboy hat and energy pipe are his defining pieces of attire. He is known to accept any commission to make a living.
For extra income,he grows vegetables to sell, mostly radishes. That’s why he is also called the Gardener Hunter.

FAV-OB01 Bounty Hunter Krivo

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