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The long-awaited God Gravion finally appears!
From concept design to supervision of modelling, this is a full collaboration between Masami Obari and METAMOR-FORCE developed by Sentinel. We call this METAMOR-FORCE "BARI"ATION!
The latest item in the series is the long-awaited God Gravion!
It comes with combination gimmick allowing Grankaiser to combine with the four Gradivas, namely G Attacker, G Striker, G Drill and G Shadow, to form God Gravion.
This is the first ever die-cast included completed product toy!
The figure stands approximately 230mm after combination and includes plenty of weapon accessories and articulation gimmicks.
With the use of clear parts and die-cast, quality is further enhanced.
A "God Gravion" which can be called the definitive version is finally completed!


METAMOR-FORCE "BARI"ATION "Super Heavy God Gravion" God Gravion

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