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April 29th 2018 update: Jaguar reissue will be released to only PSX May 15th, 2018.  We have sent money request for the customers who have paid deposit, these customers are expected to complete the balance payment in 2 weeks.

Preorder price is 470.00 HKD, shipping is extra. Deposit of 70.00 HKD plus shipping will be charged upfront. Balance payment of 400.00 HKD will be invoiced to customer when product is ready to ship.

Preorder is subject to cancellation if MOQ (minimum order quantity) is not met. 

Deposit is non refundable 2 days after the reissue is confirmed.  Please follow PSX facebook for the announcement on March 31st.


Contents in package

1. figure

2. cassette case

3. bio card + tech specs.


[preorder deposit]RMX-01 Jaguar Premium Edition Reissue

SKU: REmix01R
Out of Stock
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