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PS-04P Azalea Protoform (new exclusive Bonus faces!)

TFCON'20 Orlando exclusive


Azalea is one of the fiercest warrior in her squad and she was chosen to go to Earth on a rescue mission. But her ship was under attack by the enemy when she was close to her destination. She acted quickly and escaped in a statis pod. When she arrived on Earth she noticed that her trans-scanning was incomplete due to damage to her statis pod during the escape. This left her appearance to remain in a partial proto-form state.

1. 18 cm (7.5"") tall

2. Exclusive YOUNG face/head x 2

3. swappable face of vivid expression x 3
3. swappable gesture hand x 3
4. die cast parts contained


SOLD OUT: PS-04P Azalea Protoform TFCON'20 Orlando exclusive

Out of Stock
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