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R-07 Felisaber combines with the other 5 FERAL CONS to form the awesome FERAL REX ULTIMATE MODE!

Height 7.25" (18.4cm) from feet to head, excluding the kibbles.
Wingspan: 18.1" (46cm) fully expanded

Feral Rex Stands 12.5" (32cm) from feet to head




Contents in package


1. Felisaber figure,

2. comic book, final installment of the "The Battle for Moritorus" mini series,

3. bio card / tech specs, one extra for Feral Rex Ultimate,

4. Red hoofs to replace Bovis' black hoofs,

5. Alternate faces for Bovis and Fortis,

6. Surprise miniature figure


R-07 Felisaber

SKU: R07
HK$736.79 Regular Price
HK$620.44Sale Price
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