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Robot Height (18.5cm) from feet to head

Jet Length (27 cm)

Jet with cargo Length (39cm)

Jaegertron comes with a trophy case that adds a lot of playability.  It includes 5 faces of Feral Cons from dimension X as seen in MMC's comic story.  Trophy case can combine with Jaegertron's jet mode for a space cargo jet. The LED backlights the weapons in showcase mode, and acts as thrusters' glow effect in cargo mode.                                        

Contents in package

1x Trophy display case transformable to spaceship cargo with LED light-up,
2 x Alt head(for Jaegertron himself), 5x Feral Con faces, melee weapon set of 5, 2x Pulse Rifle, 2x Wing Cannon, 2x Katana, comic,  bio card  
Don’t need to purchase F-20FK if you buy R-15, as the Feral con faces will be included in Jaegertron     




R-15 Jaegertron

SKU: R-15
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