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Foxwire pounces into action in his super articulated beast mode only to be chained and enslaved by the mighty Kultur. With a fan favorite robot mode this guy is a great addition to your collection!  Bot height 15 cm


Ni is an experienced medic jumping from buggy to bot mode, she is always ready to join the fight. This tiny bot is packed with the articulation and poseability you have come to expect from the Reformatted series! Ni will include the tools of her trade.  Bot height 11.5 cm
Contents in package
1. Figures of Foxwire & Ni
2. Foxwire's Chain and alternate Beast Head
3. Ni's Medic Tools (6 pcs)
4. Ni's swappable faces ( 4 expressions)
4. Manuals
5. Comic
6. Bio Cards

R-38 Foxwire & Ni 2-pack | D Squad

SKU: R-38
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