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Mastermind Creations R-50 Supermax   estimated release March 2020

 - Updated March 21, 2019 All backers' refund have been processed.  Thanks again!

- Updated March 20, 2019 Fundrasier closed

It is with great regret we must announce that even after an extension our fundraiser has fallen short of the required numbers necessary to greenlight R-50 Supermax. All deposits will be 100% refunded.
We would like to thank Mastermind Creations, Rick Van Den Akker and most of all the fans. The support you have shown has been outstanding and we would like to express our eternal gratitude!
We hope that this project will be reconsidered in the future and we will of course keep you updated on any more news of all things MMC!

- Updated Feb 26, 2019 Fundrasier deadline extended to after TFCON LA


With the deadline looming and only 418/800 units pre sold we have decided to extend the fundraiser event until March 20th, after TFcon LA!

The plan was originally to pre sell 800/800 via PSX and Taobao respectively, thereby meeting approximately 50% of the factory's required 3000 units. Mastermind Creations have been kind enough to cover the low Taobao numbers meaning a minimum of 800 must be met here on Planet Steel Express only.
This is the final push, you now have 3 more weeks to help make this design a reality!
*any deposits made under the presumption of a March 3rd deadline, a refund will be available via PayPal.




- Updated Feb 19, 2019 rendering of the weapons.



- Updated Feb 16, 2019 FAQ

1. Deposit. 
If the campaign succeeds, the deposit will go towards final payment. If backer numbers are not met, all deposits will be refunded in full!

2. Final Payment. 
The full amount, minus deposit will be due when Supermax is released.   No more payments for over a year (plenty of time to save).  

3. Shipping.
Shipping will be extra. You will have the choice of Air Mail or SF Express. Shipping will also be charged upon final release.


- Updated Feb 12, 2019

  • face sculpt
  • backed numbers to be updated every 24 hours in the title





- Updated Feb 11, 2019 transformation animation


- Feb 1st, 2019 campaign launch day



Due to the overwhelming response to Rick Akker's fantastic design we have decided to work with MMC to help make this a reality!

Supermax bot mode will be 11" (28cm) tall, alt mode demensions 26cm L x 17.7cm W x 9cm H, and it boasts high quality materials including diecast with new levels of articulation previously unseen in the market.
Featuring double jointed elbows and knees, ab crunch, shoulder butterfly joint, individual fingers, toe tilt plus way more! Check the animations that Rick Akker has prepared below.








800 backers will need to make a non-refundable deposit of *HK$400.00 (around US$50.00) to bring this project to life.
Final price will be **HK$1800.00 (US$230.00).

As a supporter to the project, backer will receive the following by supporting this campaign...

R-50 Supermax PSX exclusive Fundraiser FINAL:478/GOAL:800 UNSUCCESSFUL

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