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R-35C Magna is a true BEAST. Featuring unbelievable levels of poseability including double waist in multiple directions, double jointed knees, ankle tilt and pivot plus LED light up eyes. 
With an amazingly detailed Shuttle mode and a Dino mode featuring incredible poseability and playability. R-36C Inventa boasts both a super articulated neck and tail, huge wingspan, diecast feet and LED light up eyes. Inventa will combine with R-35 Magna for the 61cm long super mode -Inventa Magna!
Contents in package
1. Figure
2. alternative chrome head
3. Manual
4. Comic
5. Bio Card
4xLR41 cell battery required for LED light up feature.

R-35C & R-36C Magna Inventa Continuum (set of 2)

Out of Stock
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