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Nox Prominon is the evil counterpart of Pexus Prominon.  Its articulation is the highest level of engineering for an item that can convert modes.  It’s capable of incredible poses due to the wide range of motion allowed by these specially designed joints.  Highlights include a mechanical muscle integration system for fluid joint motion to maintain real world aesthetics, fully articulated hands, and a durable, premium paint finish.

Figure height:20cm from (head to toe)
Articulation points: 125, including 36 points in each hand 
Finish: painted silver and red
Articulation package:
1. double jointed ab crunch  
2. full hand expression including complete knuckles,wrist tilt and finger splay  3. triple jointed shoulders allowing butterfly moves and high up shoulders
4. triple jointed elbows with sliding hydraulics 
5. double jointed knees with sliding armors at thigh and rear calf
6. double joint neck, ankle tilt, deep hip, etc



Nox Prominon figurex1,  Ion Blasterx2, Rocket launcher x 2,  arm-mounted laser beamx2, Ember of Leadershipx1, War Axe x 1, Leader Sword x 1, 
Manual, Biocard

R-48NP Nox Prominon

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