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1/12 scale perfect transformation "Muspida" appears!

Height: About 160mm


Accessories:Stick Stick replacement head, beam cannon, Hand grip, opening hand, weapon holder, pedestal

Release Date:February 2018 Release

Arrangement of armorcycle · ride suit under Mr. Aramaki's design cooperation.

Totally deformed Mosspida T-REX is in charge of designing and commercializing.

In the armor cycle state, referring to the actual car, it has become an armor cycle of an outline which has never been seen, and some die casting is used for the frame for variable, while deforming into a ride armor while securing the strength with a 1/12 scale Possible.

Fuel "HBT" that appears in the play while small scale can be removed.

In addition, the ride suit secures a range of motion where the riding style is determined using cloth for the inner.


RIOBOT 1/12 VR-052F ROBOTECH Genesis Climber Mospeada STICK

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