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Release Date:
Size: Approx. 19cm
Materials: ABS, PA, POM, PVC, die-cast
Interchangeable head, Interchangeable hand (LR x 2), Getter Tomahawk holding hand (LR), Interchangeable chest part x1, Interchangeable shoulder part (LR), Cape (cloth), Scarf (cloth), Display stand
W350mm, D120mm, H300mm


Devolution Ver. Black Getter comes to RIOBOT series!
From Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi's popular ongoing manga series "Getter Robo Devolution-The Last Three Minutes of the Universe-", "Black Getter" drawn by Mr. Shimizu joins the line-up of RIOBOT series as an original toy setting!
Under complete supervision of Mr. Shimizu and Mr. Shimoguchi, Alan Moriguchi is responsible for striking a balance between overwhelming articulation and unique design.

RIOBOT Getter Robot Devolution –The Last Three Minutes of the Universe Black

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