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 COMPLETE SET of Grendizer and Spazer

Sentinel 10th Anniversary memorial item
Unidentified Fighting Object!!
Supervised by "Dynamic Planning", "Grendizer" from "UFO Robot Grendizer" appears!
By unique articulation gimmicks, various action scenes in the play can be recreated. LED is hidden inside the chest so "Anti-gravity Storm" will light up.
In addition to Screw Crusher Punch, Single Harken and Double Harken, the arm can also be equipped with an Original Drill.
The combination of "Grendizer" and "Spazer" can be realized. You can display it in flying scene using the display stand included.
Furthermore, it comes with "Strengthened Armor Mode" as an original toy gimmick.
Startling transformation from UFO form to huge arm! Loaded!! A Grendizer no one has ever seen before is here!!

Release Date:
January, 2019
Grendizer/Head to toe: ~170mm
Spazer/Length: ~190mm
Strengthened Armor Mode/Height: ~210mm
Die-cast, ABS, PVC, PA, POM
Grendizer (body), Spazer, Screw Crusher Punch, Double Harken, Original Drill part, Display stand, Hand parts (Open hands・Posing hands・Fists・Holding hands ×2 each), Test batteries (LR41 x2)
W270mm, D200mm, H270mm

RIOBOT Grendizer & Spazer Complete Set

SKU: Riobot-GrendizerSpazerSet
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