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The arrival of Fire Mashin!
Rayearth from "Magic Knight Rayearth" comes to Sentinel's "RIOBOT" series, which has been producing high-end fully articulated figures!
The overwhelming modeling power of prototype maker Yuta Fukuya and the precise articulation gimmicks are fused in a high dimension!
The mane on the back is movable, allowing a variety of expressions.
Size: Approx. 180mm
Materials: ABS, PVC, PA, POM, Die-cast
Accessories: Interchangeable hands x3 types, Sword, Sword of Flame, Shield, Mane of Fire (effect parts) x3 types, Display stand
Packing: W230 x D120 x H230 mm
Design: Yuta Fukuya
Prototype: Yuta Fukuya
Paint: Yoji Hayakawa (Sentinel)

RIOBOT "Magic Knight Rayearth" Rayearth

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