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Go through it! Getter Robo departs! !

Height: About 200mm


Accessories:Getter Tomahawk · getter site, getter battle wing, drill parts, Hand parts (open hands, standing hands, fists, handles × 2 each), dedicated pedestal

Release Date:January 2018 Release

RIOBOT "true getter 1" participates from OVA "Shin Getter Robo world last day" that will celebrate next year's 20th anniversary!
Chemical Attack is in charge of design arrangement under supervision of "Dynamic Project".
Massive and powerful design that shines action with overwhelming volume sense.
Reproduction of internal mechanical mold by heavy use of clear parts, the weight feeling using alloy material is more masterpieces.
Huge getter Tomahawk is about 400 mm in length!
Only we can feel the hand touching gimmick such as separating and deforming weapons
It is the most crazy "true getter 1" in which a movable gimmick is stuffed into the whole body.




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