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TFCON'23 Toronto exclusive

Limited to TWO per customer only.  Orders with more than 2  will be cancelled.

Shipping July 24, 2023 (one week after)



PITCH figurex1,

TFCON exclusive parts: headx1, retro shoulder armorx1 pair

Japanese style head x3, shoulder armor x 1 pair

Transparent ReMix cassette case x 1,

Deluxe exclusive packaging with display feature.


Pitch is an idealist with a specialty in espionage. His unique skill set was vital in the effort to bring about peace during the war. When he is not scrambling signals and decoding intercepted messages, you can find him enjoying sporting competitions. His belief is that friendly competition is the answer in lieu of battles which bring about casualties. While mostly against the war, Pitch will not hesitate to go into battle to protect his friends and allies.

SOLD OUT:RMX-12EX Pitch TFCON'23 Toronto exclusive

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